Please join us for the first

HBS Alumni Angels

Global Networking Night

Wednesday, October 21, 5-6pm EDT.


Meet HBS Entrepreneurs and HBS Angels! 

  • Why should HBS Alumni care about entrepreneurship?

  • How do I start as an angel if I have never invested before? 

  • Do angel investors actually make money?

  • If I join, do I have to invest?

  • Will angel investing help me in my career?

  • How can I invest in companies that are shaping the future of work?

  • What does the HBS Alumni Angels Association actually do?

  • Do I have to join a local HBS Angels chapter?

  • How do I meet other angel investors?

  • What type of experience will I get if I join HBS Angels?

Moderator and Panelists

Jason E. Klein, MBA ’86

Etienne Deffarges, MBA ’85

Jean Kovacs, MBA ’85

Magnus Arantes, OPM 40

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