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If you represent a company seeking angel funding, or if you are a Harvard Alumnus looking to join as an angel member, please apply via your nearest HBSAA Chapter. NO AFFILIATION with Harvard is required to pitch. Links are below.

United States

HBS AA_Chptr Hd Hagan - BOSTON.jpg


Chairman - Matthew H Hagan
GMP '19 and ALM '15

HBS AA_Chptr Hd Vera - CHARLOTTE.jpg


Chairman - J Vin Vera TGMP9 ’02

HBS AA_Chptr Hd Abou-Sayed - HOUSTON.jpg


Chairman - Omar Abou-Sayed '04


Northern California

Co-Chairs - Yasemin Kliman '99, Tony Lazar '85



Chairman - Alexander Meyer ‘05


New York

Chairman - Jason E. Klein ‘86

HBS AA_Chptr Hd  McCulloch - CA SO.jpg

Southern California

Co-Chairs - Alexa McCulloch '99, Candace Ng


South Florida

Chairman - Christian Schweizer GMP '16

HBS AA_Chptr Hd  Bazaz - WA DC.jpg

Washington D.C.

Chair - Sameera Bazaz '99

Outside of the US

HBS AA_Chptr Hd  Chaves - BRAZIL.jpg


Chairman - Ruy Chaves OPM '27

Abdulaziz Alnuaimi.png


Chair - Abdulaziz Alnuaimi '18

HBS AA_Chptr Hd Hyon - KOREA.jpg


Chairman - Joon S. Hyon ‘03

David Chen.png


Chairman - David Chen ‘96

Lars A Rosumek.png


Co-Chairs -
Lars A. Rosumek GMP '23,
Steffen M. Saur AMP186

HBS AA_Chptr Hd  Chavapas - THAILAND.jpg


Chair - C. Ongmahutmongkol '04,
Co-Chair - Thierry Lovenbach '71



Chairman - Maurice Gopikian '96



Co-Chairs - R. Chinai '04,
R. Shah OPM '06, R. Gururaj '99,

A. Kachhal '15

HBS AA_Chptr Hd Hardy - UK.jpg


Chair - Simon Hardy PLD16 '13



In Memorium

Magnus Arantes.png


Chairman - Magnus Arantes OPM 40

President Harvard Angels from 2012 to 2021

Magnus Arantes graduated in  Mechanical Engineering from UFPR, Master in Business Administration from FEA-USP and completed the OPM from Harvard Business School. He helped to develop several projects and businesses throughout the entrepreneurial cycle. 

He served as a board member in some companies, but his main occupation was as managing partner of LM Ventures, an innovation consulting firm, with several hubs, connecting large corporations with startups in a vertical industry ecosystem. 

LM Ventures is also a venture builder, and partners with large corporations to co-create new businesses outside their organizations.

Magnus was also co-founder and president of the HBS Angels Alumni Association of Brazil, an angel investor group formed by Harvard Alumni, and a board member of HBS Alumni Angels Global since 2014, a global institution that oversees 14 HBS Angels Alumni groups worldwide , where he served as co-chair in 2017-18.

During his career, he also helped large organizations and startups in choosing their advisers, generally responsible for a more innovative perspective for organizations.


Known for his laid-back mentorship, and diverse advice full of wisdom, the loss of Magnus Arantes will be felt by all.

Magnus Memorium.jpg
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