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Educational Webinar

Intro to Cap Tables: What Every Angel Investor (and Founder!) Should Know

Presenter: Michael Costa, HLS ’86

Thursday June 15, 2023
9:00am PT, 12:00pm ET

About this Event:


Please join Michael Costa (HLS ’86), member and sector lead of HBSAANY and member of the Board of New York Angels, for an interactive session on Cap Tables: What Every Angel Investor (and Founder!) Should Know…And Many Times Doesn’t! Some of the questions we’ll try to answer:

  • How do you translate an agreed upon pre money value into a price/share?

  • Ever wonder whether you should care as an angel investor whether the option pool is pre or post money?

  • Is an angel investor diluted by a SAFE/Convert?

Material will be sent in advance of the session so you can follow along and even test your excel skills!

Please join us for this insightful webinar, hosted by moderator Sameera Bazaaz, HBS Angels DC Chapter Chair

20230615 Costa 200X.jpg



Harvard Law School, '86

Michael Costa is a senior level finance professional with deep experience in media, digital transformations, M&A/strategy and governance.

Michael recently served for nearly 10 years as a member of the Board of Directors of publicly traded media company Scripps Networks Interactive. There, working with the CEO and other board members, he directed the company from the spin off from its legacy newspaper parent to the acquisition by Discovery creating >$6B in value. As a member of both the Audit and Compensation Committees, he successfully advanced major international acquisitions, played a critical role in the CEO succession process, accelerated the transition from control by a family trust thru dual class stock to dispersed ownership and resolved a shareholder activist campaign.

His M&A/strategy expertise is built on 25+ years as a strategic advisor and investment banker during which he initiated, structured and negotiated M&A transactions with a total transaction value of $300B+, including 35+ transactions exceeding $1B. While at Merrill Lynch and then boutique investment bank Cowen & Co., he lead successful advisory efforts in the sale of publicly traded marquee media and tech companies including AT&T Wireless, The Tribune Company and Dow Jones/Wall Street Journal.

After a year as a Distinguished Careers Institute Fellow at Stanford University, Michael successfully pivoted from board member/strategic advisor to multiple large public companies in media and tech to a mentor/investor in start ups in those industries. Over the last three years he has sourced, cultivated and mentored over 50 startups in the digital media, SaaS, gaming and entertainment sectors resulting in several investments with an average capital raise of $1.5mm and a pre-money valuation of $8mm. He is quite active in the NYC Metro area ecosystem for entrepreneurs as a member with New York Angels and Harvard Business School Alumni Angels of Greater NY, a lecturer in SUNY Purchase's Entrepreneurship in the Arts MA program, a Lang Center Innovation Fellow at Columbia Business School and a Leadership Council Member with artificial intelligence company r4 Technologies. 

Michael holds a J. D. degree from Harvard Law School and a bachelor's degree from Colgate University. He is a Certified Financial Expert under SEC Rules.

He serves a a member of the Board of Trustees of Dean College where he is a member of the Executive Committee and Chairs the Investment Committee, piloting a near doubling of endowment to $50M and successful restructuring the college’s $25M debt obligations during the Financial Crisis.

The Zoom Meeting information will be in your registration confirmation email.

Previous Educational Webinar

The Generative AI Gold Rush: Who Will Profit and How?

Presenter: Simon Greenman
Partner at Best Practice AI and Member of the Global AI Council
World Economic Forum

Thursday May 4, 2023
9:00am PT, 12:00pm ET

About this Event:


Are you curious about the impact that Generative AI will have on our society and economy? Are you wondering who will profit and how? Join Simon Greenman, a renowned AI expert, for an insightful webinar on the Generative AI Gold Rush.

During this webinar, Simon will explore the various industries that are already using Generative AI technology, such as art, music, gaming, and design, and he will discuss how this technology is transforming these fields. He will also dive into the potential of Generative AI to disrupt and revolutionize other industries, from manufacturing to finance.

Furthermore, Simon will provide an in-depth analysis of the key players who are currently leading the Generative AI race, and he will discuss the potential winners and losers in this field. He will examine the business models that companies are using to monetize Generative AI, from selling artwork to licensing software, and he will discuss the risks and opportunities that arise from these models.

Whether you are an AI enthusiast, an entrepreneur, or simply someone who wants to understand the future of technology, this webinar is for you. Join Simon Greenman on Thursday May 4 for an exciting exploration of the Generative AI Gold Rush.


Description courtesy of ChatGPT.

Please join us for this insightful webinar, hosted by moderator Jean Kovacs, MBA'85

20230504 Simon Greenman 1.jpg



Partner at Best Practice AI and Member of the Global AI Council
World Economic Forum

Simon Greenman is an innovator in artificial intelligence and online applications, with a 25-year career as an executive, investor, and director. He co-founded one of the first internet brands,, and is now a partner at Best Practice AI, where he advises executives and investors on AI strategy, implementation, and responsible AI governance. Simon serves on the World Economic Forum's Global AI Council and has worked or consulted for companies such as HomeAdvisor Europe, Bowers & Wilkins, AOL, and Accenture. Simon spent a decade as a Chief Digital Officer leading digital transformations and innovation for private equity owned media firms in the US and Europe. He is also active in the UK start-up ecosystem and holds an MBA from Harvard Business School as well as a BA in Computing and Artificial Intelligence from the University of Sussex.


The Generative AI Gold Rush: Who Will Profit and How?

Presenter: Simon Greenman
Partner at Best Practice AI and Member of the Global AI Council
World Economic Forum

Hosted by HBS Alumni Angels

Thursday May 4, 2023 9:00am PT, 12:00pm ET

  1. If you'd like to purchase a view-only ticket for this webinar, click here.
  2. Registrants & Attendees of this webinar, contact Administrator, Molly Lyons, for the link.

SVB Collapse: Faculty Perspectives

Presenters: HBS Faculty

Hosted by HBS Alumni Angels and HBS Alumni Relations

Thursday March 16, 2023
9:30am PT, 12:30pm ET

  1. HBS alums, to log-in and watch the video at HBS, click here
  2. If you are NOT an HBS alum, click here to watch the video

Webinar History

Past webinars have included:

  • The Generative AI Gold Rush: Who Will Profit and How?

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  • Sales Management That Works: a Webinar and Discussion with Professor Frank Cespedes, HBS Senior Lecturer

  • How to Build a Sustainable, Scalable, and Sellable Business with Michelle Seiler Tucker, Author of Exit Rich

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  • Investing with Impact: The Continuing Rise of ESG in a Post COVID-19 World

  • Entrepreneurial Leadership: New Ventures, Inspiring Others and Running Stuff

  • Pandemic Investing: Likely Impact on VC and Angel Investing

  • Angel Investing and COVID-19

  • Investing in Blockchain: The Big Opportunity

  • Finding your Angels: Raising Capitol for your Start-Up

  • Toss the Financial Model Spreadsheets

  • Healthcare Start-ups: How to Distinguish Real Companies from Overhyped Ones?

  • Who's Really Going to Make Money in AI and Machine Learning?

  • How Safe are Safe's?

  • "Best Practices" in Angel Investing

  • The Shiny Penny: How to Maximize the M&A Value of Your Company

  • Structuring Success: Building Term Sheets that Build Businesses

  • Syndicated Investments

  • Technology Disruption in Money Management

  • Emerging Technologies in Financial Services

  • The Science of Sales GrowthImpact Investing in Sustainable Food

  • Building Term Sheets that Build Business

  • Revenue-Based Investing

  • Cyber Security Investing

  • Angel and Venture Investing with Brad Feld

  • The Ultimate Marketing Framework

  • A Data-Driven Perspective on Early Stage Saas Investing

  • Investing In Blockchain

  • Internet of Things Primer

  • Moonshots and Soft Landing

  • Seed Investing in Consumer Products and Services

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