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August 11, 2020 I 10am PDT, 1 pm EDT, 6pm London, 7pm Continental Europe
Presenters: Walter Colsman MBA'97, CEO of BrightSpec and
Etienne Deffarges, HBSAA Syndication Co-Chair.
About this event:
On behalf of the South Florida chapter, we would like to share the following investment opportunity:


BrightSpec specializes in both broadband and targeted Molecular Rotational Resonance (MRR) instruments that enable rapid, unique identification and quantification of molecules directly from a mixture. Prior to BrightSpec's technology, MRR was too slow and expensive for commercial viability. BrightSpec changed this by inventing a single tool (where previously two separate instruments were required) with less hands-on time and no need for calibration, chemometrics, reference samples, separation, or consumption. This instrumentation enables simultaneous identification and quantification of molecules even in cases where mass spectrometry or nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) cannot. This effectively sped the process by up to 1,000x, empowering users to expand the bounds of scientific understanding with unprecedented sensitivity and speed.
With strategic partners like Agilent, an active sales pipeline, and numerous research publications in world-renowned journals like Nature, BrightSpec is seeking support in its commercialization efforts and sales/marketing reach in a second early-stage preferred equity round with 1.5x liquidation preference. The round has $400,000 still available and will be closing August 31st.


CEO, BrightSpec, MBA'97

Walter serves as BrightSpec’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO).  Mr. Colsman has over 30 years of business experience including over 15 years in the life sciences field.  Walter has most recently been advising startups and investors in the healthcare field and served as CFO of CereVasc LLC, a development stage medical device company.  Walter was a senior equity analyst at Columbia-Threadneedle Investments, where he followed the life science tools sector for 12 years. Prior to Columbia, Walter worked at Standard Pacific Capital and Palo Alto Investors, hedge funds in the San Francisco Bay Area. Before working in the investing field, Walter gained business experience as a founder and executive at several internet startups.  Walter also advised businesses on strategy at Bain & Company and the Lucas Group, as well as an analyst in financial planning for Pepsi-Cola International. Walter earned his bachelor’s degree (engineering) at Dartmouth and his M.B.A from Harvard Business School.


August 13, 2020 I 8am PDT, 11 am EDT, 4pm London, 5pm Continental Europe
Presenters: Stephen Drescher, CEO of ColorOnly and
Ray Johnson, MBA'88, HBSAA South Florida


Fran Drescher
Brand Ambassador
Fran Drescher has had an extremely successful career in film and television. Most notably in Saturday Night Fever, This is SpinalTap, The Nanny.

She was nominated for two Emmy Awards and two Golden Globe Awards for Best Actress in a Comedy Television Series during the show’s run. Fran has provided the voice for Eunice in the Hotel Transylvania movie franchise (2012-2021). On February 4, 2014, Drescher made her Broadway debut in Cinderella as stepmother Madame and is currently set to star in the new 2020 NBC comedy Indebted. She is an author of multiple books and the founder of Cancer Schmancer a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring that all women’s cancers be diagnosed while in Stage 1, the most curable stage.

About this event:
On behalf of the South Florida chapter, we would like to share the following investment opportunity:


ColorOnly has created the first ever 10-minute “intelligent” hair dye, which is 100% ammonia free. ColorOnly’s ExpressColor hair dye is available to customers via direct mail to consumer (eCommerce) and in the company’s Express Salons, which offer hair coloring for $30 in 30 minutes, while adhering to social distancing best practices. The company’s dyes are mixed to the highest level of accuracy by its patented machinery, EMMA (“Express Mixing Machine Assistant”), which provides over 1,000 custom formulations of ExpressColor hair dye. EMMA acts as a secure, internal supply chain for ColorOnly’s Express Salons and eCommerce business – an especially critical element in a global pandemic. This same computerized express mixing technology transformed the paint industry and will transform the $21B hair coloring industry next.

Backed by communications giant Omnicom Media Group, ColorOnly is on the cusp of launching its national marketing campaign featuring its celebrity brand endorser, Fran Drescher of the beloved TV series The Nanny. ColorOnly has completed a successful soft launch of its flagship Express Salon in Coral Springs, Florida, including hiring, product testing, customer testimonials, and initial paid membership commitments. Its eCommerce platform is on the cusp of launching, and its salon services are rolling out to the public responsibly with strict safety protocols in order.

The company has opened a $2M convertible debt round with the following terms:

8% accrued interest
24-month term
$25K minimum investment
Conversion price at a 20% discount to the next fund raising round share price



CEO, ColorOnly

Serving as ColorOnly's CEO, Mr. Drescher has worked with startups for over a decade and has significant experience in the investment banking world. His specialties have included corporate transactional work, commercial litigation, and M&A. Mr. Duchin heads up our creative & technical vision – focusing on innovation, marketing, operations, and messaging for our company. Mr. Drescher is responsible for steering our R&D vision and for establishing relationships with our engineering, manufacturing, & finance partners.


CFO, ColorOnly, MBA'88

Ray understands the unique challenges that companies face. Based on his successes, he has developed proven methods for raising capital quickly and optimizing businesses successfully. He provides advisory services for mergers and acquisitions, private and public fund raising, product licensing, and corporate finance.



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A company must meet a threshold of member investment in one of our HBS Alumni Angel Chapters listed here. The leadership of the host chapter nominates the company for global syndication and provides a local member contact to act as syndication lead and a company contact.


Ideally, for global syndication a company should meet the following requirements:

  • Local host chapter members committed to invest at least $50,000* and local chapter forwards deal to global for syndication; 

  • Company assures at least $50,000-100,000 investible capacity;

  • Company provides at least 2 weeks for due diligence following the webinar, prior to requiring an investment decision;

  • Minimum individual investment amount is set at $25,000 or less;

The Global Syndication Committee selects the most suitable company candidates from the 15 participating HBSAA chapters and is aiming to host monthly webinars. 

*NY and other larger chapters may have a $100,000 min.

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