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Position Summary:
The Vice President of Global Events is responsible for driving and coordinating the HBS
Alumni Angels Global Conference and associated partnerships. The VP reports to the Co-
Chairs of the Global Club and works closely with the Club’s Volunteer Leadership Team,
Board of Directors, and Chapter Heads in development and fund-raising endeavors.
The role is an exciting opportunity to carry on and build upon our first Global
Conference. It involves the full circle from deciding upon and selecting speakers to
finding sponsors and putting on the conference.




• Exceptional interpersonal and writing skills

• Strong organizational and management skills
• 2+ years experience in events, fundraising, partner marketing, advertising/media
sales and/or sales skills
• Possess the skills to work with and motivate staff, board members and other
• Self-starter and goal driven to initiate and sustain relationships with potential
• Well organized and has flawless follow through on tasks and goals
• Demonstrated self-confidence, common sense, good listening skills and a
positive attitude.
• An understanding of and affinity for the entrepreneurial ecosystem and
particularly the HBSA Alumni Angels mission of connecting alumni and assisting


Scope and Responsibilities:

1. Understand the Club’s mission, management and programs.
2. Work with the Board to create a set of objectives for the 2022 Conference.
3. Work with a team to create a theme and then select the roster of speakers who
will present. Reach out and gain agreement for the speakers and panels.
4. Coordinate all marketing for the event.
5. Work with the previous conference team to create a list of packages for
sponsorship opportunities.
6. Reach out to potential sponsors and bring them in to support the conference.
Follow up with sponsors after the conference to ensure their objectives have
been met.
7. Pull together all technology needed for the conference.

8. Work with the team to ensure the operations are working smoothly.
9. Coordinate all work with HBS Clubs around the world to ensure they are
promoting the conference.



  • This is a part-time, paid position. Salary/stipend to be negotiated.


To Apply:


  • If you have any questions and want to learn more about this amazing opportunity, please email Jean Kovacs.

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